General Information

TitleMountain Vista Baptist Church
TypeReplanted Church
Short descriptionCapital Baptist Church  Merger/Marriage with
Full description 2015 A replant from within July 29, 2018 merger with FBC Carson City, NV
Age group desired
Sending Church
Supporting Churches
AssociationSierra Baptist Association
Start Date07/01/2018
End Date07/01/2022

Address & Contact Information

Location NameMountain Vista Baptist Church
Project Address1750 Mountain St
City, State, ZipCarson City, NV 89703
Lat / Long39.175246, -119.773501
Reach Radius(miles from center)
Phone(775) 885-0880

Primary Contact NameChase Ward
Primary Contact Address1750 Mountain Street
City, State, ZipCarson City, NV 89703
Primary Contact Phone(775) 350-9929
Primary Contact

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