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Planter Needed

New Church Plant for professional and middle socioeconomic peoples of northern Laredo. Should be English speaking, familiar with Hispanic culture.

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Georgia Barnette Conference Center

The Louisiana Baptist Convention is constructing a new Conference Center on the grounds of Tall Timbers Baptist Camp.

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Disaster Relief Roundtable

We invite you to join us as we “bear one another’s burdens and thus fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2). Attend a training event to get your credentials and hands on experience. No special skills are needed, just a love for God and your fellow man, plus a willingness to serve as needed.

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Does My Community Need a New Church? The Right Questions and Key Indicators

Four questions to consider for planting a church in your community.
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Iglesia Celebration

David Speed preaches at Iglesia Celebration in Metairie.

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Evangelistic church planting - El Eden

Reach the lost, make disciples, equip leaders; do it over and over.

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Montana Vista Community Church

Help a new church planter family to outreach their community

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How to Baptize More People at Your Church

Here are 5 intentional things you can do to baptize more people in your ministry.
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Bonita Rd. Baptist Church

New Construction for Worship Area

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New church plant - Alexander

Reach the lost, make disciples, lead new church to good health and reproduction. English speaking, fairly upscale, families.

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We have a new church, up and running!

We have built a new church building within the last year and it is now finished and best of all, we are debt free!

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Searcy Baptist Church

New Construction for worship area and classrooms.

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New church plant - Cuatro Vientos Sur

Reach the lost, make disciples, teach them to lead and reproduce. Mostly Spanish speaking, kids/youth speak English. Mid to lower SES, blue collar/construction/oil fields, lots of kids.

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El Paso Texas area VBS and Block parties

Leading VBS at Local City Parks, Summer time

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Practical missions training - evangelism & discipleship

Be equipped by on-the-field missionaries with simple and reproducible ways to share your faith and make disciples.

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Red Bluff Baptists Church

New Construction for Family Life Center

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The Circle Church

The Circle Church started with 23 volunteers and has 116 attending services in Alexandria, LA.

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Blessing of the Hunt

Enjoy food and fellowship that is centered around the Gospel for those who hunt all types of game. New Zion Baptist Church, Covington, September 17, 2015.

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Vision Tours

Catch God’s vision for reaching this very lost but very strategic and rapidly growing border city.

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Georgia Barnette Conference Center and Prayer Garden

New missions training facility at Tall Timbers Baptist Conference Center tentatively set to open in Spring 2016. Click below to access website for more information.

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Missions & ministry project mapping for churches, associations and conventions.

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 Welcome to EngageMap

EngageMap is an exciting way for Great Commission Christians to discover mission opportunities across North America. It is used by churches and denominational agencies to plot their missions and ministry projects that you can be a part of!

You can use EngageMap in two ways.

  First, you can explore the map for free to see what ministry projects need your help. When you see one that interests you, use the project links to contact the organizer. This is a perfect way for individuals or churches to find opportunities for summer or short-term mission projects.

  You can also use EngageMap to plot your organization's own projects. For an annual subscription, your agency can map unlimited ministry markers and points of interest. Use these for strategy planning, to track your progress, or to publicize projects you need help with. What's more, your high-priority projects are featured on and on the EngageMap facebook page and other social media outlets.

Click here to get started today!

EngageMap—connecting GCC partners to each other and to our world

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New Construction for Worship Area

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