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We have a new church, up and running!

We have built a new church building within the last year and it is now finished and best of all, we are debt free!

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We have a new church, up and running!

New Church Start

We have finished our new building and we are almost done with the property. We are waiting on a pavement company to put our driveway and parking area in. When it is done, we will be finished with all of the construction. Best of all, we are completely debt free! Thanks to God and his faithful followers that have helped us all along the way with supplying materials and money to get the job done! Praise God!

Dates: 01/01/2014 - 06/30/2014

Age group desired: Adults (18 and over)

Church Connection: Calvary Baptist Church

Association: Burnet-Llano Baptist Association

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Birth Of Hope Baptist Church

621 Magnolia Ln
Cottonwood Shores, TX 78657

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